The Box 414 Association is looking for dedicated and motivated individuals who would like to volunteer their time to assist Baltimore First Responders who are actively serving the community at emergency responses in and around Baltimore.

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About Box 414 Association

MISSION STATEMENT: The Box 414 Association is an all volunteer, non-profit organization formed in 1946.  Our mission is to  provide rehabilitation services, through our canteen and other rehab vehicles, to the Baltimore City Fire and Police Departments.  We operate at major emergencies and special events or as requested by the fire and police departments.

Box 414 Active Apparatus

Association Leadership

Shaun Freund


Stuart Nathan

Vice President

Roger Katzenberg


Alex Katzenberg

Recording Secretary

Marie Lemmon

Corresponding Secretary

Charles Shultz


Baltimore City Fire Museum

The Baltimore City Fire Museum is located at 414 Old Town Mall at the intersection of Gay, Orleans and Ensor Streets. It has been operated by the Box 414 Association since their taking possession of the building in 1979. The museum is located in the former quarters of Baltimore City Engine 6. The building, itself, is of historic significance. It was constructed by the Independent Hose Company in 1853 and, in 1859, was incorporated into the ‘new’ paid fire department of Baltimore City. Read More

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Address & Contact Information
414 Old Town Mall, Baltimore, MD 21202 | (410)727-2414

Museum is Currently Closed to the Public

The Great Baltimore Fire

On Sunday, February 7, 1904, at 10:48 AM, automatic alarm #854 was received from the John E. Hurst Co. located on German St. (now Redwood St.) between Hopkins Place and Liberty Street. A response of one Engine, one Truck, a District Chief and a Salvage Corps Wagon were assigned. Learn More