History of Box 414 Association

A look at our humble beginnings to today

On March 3, 1946, several ex-auxiliary firefighters from the Baltimore City Fire Department organized the Fire Fans of Baltimore. Shortly, thereafter, the name was changed to the Box 414 Association. The name symbolizes the number of the fire alarm box that was used to transmit the signal 2-2-2-2 (the signal used to request all of the available firefighting equipment in the city) for what was to become the Great Baltimore Fire of February 7, 1904.

The organization initially composed of all men, devoted their time and effort to the support of the firefighters of Baltimore City. They began their canteen service by transporting urns of coffee to the scenes of multi-alarm fires in their personal vehicles. In 1949 the Board of Fire Commissioners officially recognized and sanctioned the organization.

Their original club quarters were located in the 500 Block of N. Calvert Street. Since that time they have operated out of 4 different locations (at one address during two different periods). The “club” currently operates out of the former quarters of Engine Company 6 at 414 N. Gay Street, where we also maintain the Baltimore City Fire Museum.

Our main focus is to support the health and welfare of the firefighters of Baltimore City, and in recent years, have strived to provide that same service to the officers of the Baltimore City Police Department.

We operate our canteen service, which currently includes 4 vehicles, at all major emergencies in addition to ceremonial and social events held by the fire and police departments. We are assisted by our ladies auxiliary. Our goal is to continue to provide these services well into the future.